Turns low-temperature heat into electric power. Againity turns biomass, household waste and waste heat into electricity. We offer in-house developed ORC (Organic Rankie Cycle) turbines for a more sustainable energy system.

Bio heating technology. Supplying turnkey stationary and modular solution for different heating requirements 

Find out how our patented dynamic wood drying process saves 25-60% of electricity costs,
saves 10% heat energy, up to 20% shorter drying time and provides better quality of dried wood.

Have been operating in the drying sector since 1984, we are perfectly aware that the key to success is the continuous search for new solutions, in order to offer cutting-edge systems and systems equipped with the highest technology. Our kilns guarantee maximum quality, safety and maximum economy of use.

Today Incomac is synonymous with quality and experience in building wood drying systems, steaming chambers, heat treatment systems and low temperature wood storage.

Design and manufature dehydration, composting, roasting plats and customised systems fot the treatment and drying of any product

Tailored solutions for industrial robotics, automation, conveyor systems and maintenance.


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